Trump Approval Ratings Are HIGHEST EVER According to Trump-Hating CNN Poll

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Even with their normally skewed parameters, CNN’s latest poll on the president’s approval rating shows Donald Trump soaring.

The latest poll — which surveyed 1,014 people (“29% described themselves as Democrats, 25% described themselves as Republicans, and 46% described themselves as independents or members of another party”) — showed Trump’s approval rating at 42%. That’s the highest mark in the liberal network’s survey since the 100-day mark of the Trump presidency.

“Approval is up 7 points overall since February, including 6-point increases among Republicans (from 80% to 86% now) and independents (from 35% to 41% now),” CNN reported. “Trump’s approval rating remains below that of all of his modern-era predecessors at this stage in their first term after being elected, though Trump only trails Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama by a narrow 4 points at this point in their first terms.”

Trump’s strongest approval ratings on the issues come on the economy: 48% approve and 45% disapprove.

But CNN couldn’t let there be too much good news.

“Almost two-thirds of Americans say they believe the women alleging affairs with Trump over the president (63% say so), while just 21% say they believe Trump’s denials of those affairs. And about half (51%) say the two women pursuing lawsuits seeking to free themselves from non-disclosure agreements relating to any relationship they may have had with Trump ought to be free to discuss those alleged relationships,” the network said.

Read the whole thing here.

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