Netflix Just Started Producing ‘Trigger Warnings’ For Shows After Snowflakes Complain About ‘Sensitive’ Topics

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Netflix made a trigger-warning video for the program, “13 Reasons Why,” after viewers criticized the show’s producers last season for its graphic portrayal of a teen taking her own life.

From The Daily Caller:

People dinged the show’s producers in 2017 when they dared to tackle weighty topics such as sexual assault, substance abuse and suicide. Netflix decided to change the format this season to soften the blow for the show’s mostly teenage audience.

It will now include a trigger-warning for those who are too squeamish to watch fictionalized depictions of real life issues.

“But if you are struggling with these issues yourself, this series may not be right for you. Or you may want to watch it with a trusted adult,” the show’s cast says in a video that plays before the show begins. 

Netflix has been busy. Along with ensuring the channel’s programs don’t trigger teenage girls, the company’s founder is also giving former President Barack Obama a show that would let him hit back against some of his conservative critics online.

The online channel would pay the former president and first lady Michelle to provide the outlet exclusive content available only on live streaming, The New York Times reported on March 8. The number of episodes have not yet been discussed, according to The NYT.

Obama does not intend to directly confront his Republican successor, President Donald Trump, the report notes. But he could use the programs to correct what he believes to be misinformation spread using online platforms. He could also use Netflix to push back against his conservative critics.


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