Jim Carrey May Be In Some SERIOUS Trouble After His Latest ‘Artwork’ Featuring Donald Trump Is Posted to Twitter

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Last week, Jim Carrey’s descended into politically-inspired art involving the Trump administration. His first was a ghoulish portrait of White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, but his latest one of President Trump may get him in some serious trouble.

Warning. The image below contains graphic content.

From Conservative Tribune:

Carrey — whose behavior has become erratic, even by Hollywood standards, in recent years — is back, and our ersatz Gauguin has several lovely paintings of Trump administration figures for you to take a look at.

While this looks like something Carrey should be having long talks with his psychoanalyst about, he decided to continue to further abase himself and the Trump administration through his own form of art therapy.

on Friday, he issued a yet another piece in his oeuvre, “Fifty Shades of Decay.” We can’t actually show you it, because it basically features the president in flagrante delicto with a blonde woman (who may or may not represent Stormy Daniels; your guess is as good as mine, since Carrey is pretty much an unintentional cubist when it comes to his personal style) who’s ripping off the president’s hair while the presidential seal of the United States covers the pertinent parts of act.


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