BREAKING: Europeans Are Preparing For World War III After Russian President Putin Completely SNAPS!

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Europe is said to be on high alert after Russian jets buzzed its eastern borders for the second time this month.

While many believe the world’s biggest hot spots are the Middle East and North Korea, experts say World War III will actually begin in eastern Europe and Russia.

via The Daily Express:

Ukraine’s Air Force reported the Russian fighters and bombers lurking dangerously close to the administrative border between Russian-occupied Crimea and the country’s mainland.

They also approached as close as 25 miles (40km) to the coastline of the Black Sea and further flew along the coastline of Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey.

The frightening threat comes just weeks after a Russian fighters were seen taking off from the eastern and southern airspace borders of Ukraine

Taking to Facebook, Ukraine’s Air Force warned: “Fighters and bombers of the aggressor country took off from Shaikivka, Krymsk and Belbek airfields, approaching the state border of Ukraine and the division line between the mainland Ukraine and the Autonomous Republic of Crimea.”

Ukraine is now on high combat alert.


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