Liberal News Try To SPIN That Austin Bomber Was A ‘Devout Christian’ – Imagine If They Had Said That About A Muslim

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We know the mainstream media is on constant standby to spin news as anti-Christian and anti-conservative, but this is low even by their standards.

After the Austin bomber was killed and identified as Mark Anthony Conditt on Wednesday, the Daily Mail published a piece describing him as a “devout Christian.” The outlet later modified the wording in its article, but not before visitors captured the original headline.

“SWAT team descends on Austin bomber’s home and speak to shirtless man just hours after the devout Christian blew himself up during police chase, ending 19-day campaign of terror,” the headline read.

Daily Mail later changed their headline slightly, replacing “devout” with “homeschooled.”

In both the original and updated versions, the final bullet point below the headline says Conditt was “against gay marriage and abortion.”

The article goes on to report that his few blog posts speaking out against gay marriage and abortion are some of the only traces of social media Conditt left behind.

Daily Mail even notes that the 23-year-old “was not politically engaged.”

His blog posts, along with a neighbor’s remark that Conditt’s was a “nice Christian family” (a common expression) are the only evidence the article provides of the bombing suspect’s allegedly “devout” Christianity.

The replacement, “homeschooled Christian,” is just as misleading, because it gives the impression that Christian or Biblical teachings were the focus of Conditt’s education.

Daily Mail notes further down in the article that the young man, who allegedly killed two and injured several others, was homeschooled.

But the homeschooling is never described as being religious in nature. The Daily Mail writers seemingly threw in the “homeschooled” tag in order to keep the word “Christian” in without stoking as much controversy.

The note about Conditt being “in favor of the death penalty” and “against gay marriage and abortion,” is also curious.

The prominent inclusion of that information gives the impression that it was a significant motivator in Conditt’s crimes, when in reality there’s no evidence he targeted homosexuals or abortion proponents.

The Daily Mail writers may have added that bit to promote the notion that Conditt was a right-wing extremist, but opposition to gay marriage and abortion aren’t exclusive to Christianity or conservatism.

An examination of Islamic terrorists would likely reveal that the majority of them have been against gay marriage and abortion.

Which begs the question: How would Daily Mail have covered Conditt had he been Muslim?

The outlet seemed to think it was important readers know the Austin bombing suspect was Christian. That would be a pertinent fact had his Christianity informed his crimes. But as of yet, there’s no evidence that was the case.

What about when an Islamic terrorist openly cries “Allahu akbar!” before shooting, knifing, or running over a crowd of innocents?

And what about when ISIS later claims credit for that “lone wolf” assailant’s terrorism? Is it appropriate to bring up the suspect’s religion then?

Well, we’ve seen many times how that turns out. In those instances, the mainstream media can’t shout loudly enough that terrorism has “nothing to do” with the “religion of peace.”

Americans are catching on to the media’s double standards–and they’ve had enough.

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