Make Her STOP! Pelosi Whines Because Trump’s Border Wall Is ‘Too High’

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Our favorite cloven-hoofed barker has returned to do more nagging (see Nancy Pelosi Loses Her Addled Mind Over Release of the GOP Memo). Spreading her misery like an airborne virus. This time Nancy PeLOLsi chose to air her grievances over Trump’s border wall prototypes.

Her major complaint: it’s too wallish.

“Did you see it? How high it is? I mean, really? In a civilized society, we do something like that?” the House minority leader said in her weekly news conference Thursday about the 30-foot prototypes that have been built on the border. “As obnoxious as it is, you know that’s a community there with a border running through it.”

“[A] wall that big separating people? I mean, really? This is like a big wall,” she continued.

When asked if the Democrats will give the president the funding needed to build the barrier, she laughed while asking: “What do you think?”

I think Nancy is channeling some of her own self-loathing onto the wall. Obnoxious, unsightly, and unnecessary in a civilized society. These are all descriptors better applied to Pelosi herself.

This is the best argument the Democrat leader can come up with against the wall. All this whinage shows the extent of disdain the left has for border security. They don’t like the idea of a safer border because, well, it’s a bit much. Leftists would like the wall more if it were 80 feet shorter and draped with a banner saying “Welcome new voters!”

Democrats have become more desperate in their attempts to block the wall (see MSNBC Gets Desperate, Says Border Wall will Harm Animals and The Border Wall: Why John Oliver is Dead Wrong). They can lob insults all they want. Its concrete foundation is impervious to such attacks.

Wall: 1, Nancetron 3000: 0.

Via LouderWithCrowder

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