Little Adam Schiff Can’t Accept Bitter Loss, Claims Congress Will Pickup Where Mueller Failed

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Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff of California said his party cannot continue to rely on special counsel Bob Mueller in the Russia investigation and believes it’s up to Congress to crack the case.

Schiff accused President Donald Trump’s campaign of holding nefarious “secret meetings” and said the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence would find out who broke the law.

“We’ve learned a great deal,” Schiff said Thursday on CNN’s “New Day.” “We’ve learned a great deal about secret meetings the Trump campaign had with the Russians. We’ve learned a great deal about the Russian’s use of social media. And we have been able to obtain a lot of very important information for the country which you’ll see when these transcripts come out, because at least some of the members, the Democratic members have been very serious about this.”

“We can’t simply rely on Bob Mueller,” he concluded. “Because his job is different than ours. His job is to determine who broke the law and who should be prosecuted and who should go to jail. It’s not his job to tell the country what happened. And outside of an indictment, he may not be able to speak. That’s what the Congress is supposed to do. So there’s no substitute for Congress doing its job.”

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