Trump Just Named The New Head of the CIA – and It’s a HISTORIC Moment That Blew EVERYONE Away!

For years, liberals have been trying to make “feminism” one of their calling cards. Well, Trump just outdid them on that front, too, by naming the first ever female director of the CIA.

From Daily Caller:

With Mike Pompeo being promoted to Secretary of State after Trump fired Rex Tillerson, our top intelligence agency was in need of new leadership.

The new director will be Gina Haspel, currently the CIA’s deputy director.

Trump reminded the Washington Post that this marks a “historic milestone,” just in case they were letting their liberalism skew the achievement.

Another huge Trump win that has liberals in total shock, and the rest of us laughing at their disbelief. Trump has been making history since he was first elected, and this is another step to the greatest presidency in history.

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