‘BLAMERY’ Clinton Trashes America Overseas, We Should Chant ‘Lock Her Up’ Till It Actually Happens

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Hillary Clinton said in India that Trump voters are “backwards,” misogynist, and racist, so Michelle Malkin came up with the perfect way to send her a message.

The conservative commentator appeared on “Hannity” Monday night to fire back at the two-time presidential candidate, suggesting Americans shout the infamous “lock her up” chant again and again and louder until it actually happens.

Malkin reacted to host Sean Hannity’s description of Clinton–not President Trump–as being the one to collude with Russia because the Clinton campaign and Democratic National Committee paid for information from Russian sources that ultimately became the Steele dossier.

“The Clinton cash machine that has benefited so greatly from betraying American values and betraying American law,” Malkin said. “Why isn’t Hillary Clinton and the DNC–as the conduit for this information–why aren’t they facing indictment and prosecutions?”

She then brought up the phrase “lock her up,” a fixture at rallies for President Trump that arose during the 2016 presidential race.

“You know we heard the mantra ‘Lock her up’ over the campaign. Now we need to hear it again and again–and louder until it actually happens.”

The segment ended with a last word by fellow guest and former White House official Sebastian Gorka, who called the Clintons and the DNC a “criminal cartel.”

Earlier in the discussion, Malkin blasted Clinton for saying during an event in India that Trump voters “didn’t like black people getting rights” and “don’t like women getting jobs.”

The former Secretary of State also claimed married white women vote for President Trump in greater numbers out of “pressure” to please the men in their lives.

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