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The Big Bad NRA? Left Myths and Lies Laid Bare

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 The Left Myth’s and Lies vs. The Facts of The NRA

Every horrific Mass Shooting brings lost lives, terrible injuries, and heartbreak for victims, their families, and our Nation. It also brings renewed calls for more Gun Control, and puts the cross-hairs of the Left on their favorite target for extermination; the National Rifle Association and their supporting members and legislators alike.

The Left seize upon every tragic event, not even allowing a moment for investigation, or grieving to begin. The political exploitation of every tragedy, is an impetus by them to demand gun control as the only solution to a much more complicated problem, and phenomenon plaguing our society. They ignore any other factors, cause, or solution beyond ‘the guns’. Factors like the desensitization to violence of our culture and youth, the lack of empathy, compassion, and the bullying our kids endure, egregious failures of Law enforcement following and enforcing our existing laws in place, or failures within our mental health system and the inability to commit troubled and dangerous kids or individuals for treatment. All these factors are dismissed out-of-hand, and the focus by the Left for political expediency remains on ‘The Gun’.  Secondarily then  it targets by extension; the Big, Bad, Evil, and all-powerful NRA narrative. The Left and their Corporate Media minions start their attacks with every mass shooting attack with trite myths and Lies before the victims have even been identified.

We have to examine much more. Let’s look where our train has jumped off the tracks from our traditional values and Morality.

Is it an accident that we haven’t had any Mass Shooting events in a faith-based Christian, Jewish, or Muslim School by a student EVER ?  No, I am not saying these public school shootings are punishment for keeping God, or any mention of Him out of our public schools for the past 50 years. I do think however that it reveals his absence in our hearts and our society as we have turned away from Him. I do believe it is part and parcel of what is lacking in our children and adult shooters as well for moral guidance.

The Left’s divisive and completely unproductive focus on gun control instead of working toward solutions to a problem absent their myopic viewpoint, are to use Rham’s word “wasted”. The problem continues, and they pull out the same playbook, and repeat the same process over and over again. Guns Bad. NRA Bad. Attack the NRA. Attack Supporters.

To quote Rahm Emanuel when he was President Obama’s Chief of Staff.

“You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.” -Rahm Emanuel

The Left in their misplaced anger and ignorance see these tragedies as a means to a political end, not a solution to the phenomena or problem. How about instead of singularly attacking guns, and the NRA, we attack the problem of violence in our schools together?

What/Who are the NRA?

What and Who exactly are the NRA? The NRA is the oldest standing Civil Rights organization in the United States. The NRA represents over 5 Million members dedicated to the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, with particular emphasis on the Second Amendment of the Constitution; and the rule of Law. The NRA also creates and administers gun safety and training programs, for both the public and law enforcement. The “NRA Kills Our Kid’s” says the sign above that the parents have shamefully put into the hands of their child.

The NRA is actually committed to saving lives. The “Eddie Eagle Child GunSafe Program” strives and succeeds in keeping guns out children’s hands with an apolitical basic safety message.

Stop! Don’t touch. Run away. Tell a grown-up”   So killing the invaluable Eddie Eagle message, because of the messenger begs the question: Just how many kid’s lives could have been, or would be saved otherwise? I would argue easily in the thousands or tens of thousands.

These NRA safety program resources are provided for free to schools, Libraries, and Law enforcement. The NRA Eddie Eagle Program has reached 28 million kids over the years and likely saved countless lives of children. Sadly, despite NRA program and generous efforts to save more, it is opposed by many the Left, likely counting the parents of the child in the photo above, and are kept out of many public schools due to their prejudiced hatred of the NRA. The NRA saves Kid’s lives. The NRA is the authority for firearm safety, training, certification, and competitive shooting programs.

NRA’s Eddie Eagle GunSafe Program- photo Credit Huffington Post

 NRA Lobbying

The NRA defend the rights of law-abiding gun owners by petitioning the Congress, State Legislatures, and Governmental authorities like any other organization would protect and advance their membership interests. However, that is just a part of the NRA story, the rest is never told.

The NRA doesn’t lobby just for gun rights, and law abiding owners; but also to reduce crime with their political action in promoting legislation like mandatory add-on sentences for felony gun crimes. These crimes include robbery, drug trafficking, prior felon in possession of a weapon, and championing “Three Strikes Your’re Out” legislation forcing Life sentences for dangerous repeat violent offenders. (not even necessarily committed with firearms)

NRA ‘Criminal Control’ Lobbying Saves Lives

These Lobbying activities for new laws against gun crime have had a dramatic historical impact on reducing violent gun crimes in America.  Justice Department statistics reveal our U.S. Gun Death rate dropped by 49% since it’s peak in 1993. That’s right by HALF! Surprised?  Most are. That drop in crime coincides with active “Lobbying” by the NRA and it’s membership for the aforementioned crime legislation passed and enacted with their support. The Ultra-Liberal anti-gun British Newspaper The Guardian discovered some interesting facts during a series on Gun Control in America.

“The constant coverage of America’s most shocking acts of violence may make it seem like this gun-filled country is the wild west. That’s just not true.

Gun advocates also have a point when they argue that the general public does not have a very accurate sense of overall gun violence trends. A Pew survey after the Newtown shootings asked Americans if gun crime in the country had gone up or down over the last 20 years. The majority of Americans, 56%, said they believed gun crime was higher than 20 years before.

The percentage of Americans who had an accurate understanding of this most basic gun violence trend: 12%.” – via The Guardian Newspaper U.K.  (emphasis is mine)

Chart credit – Source Centers for Disease Control, Congressional Research Service

“For reasons not fully understood.” The Guardian couldn’t bear to reveal or admit the truth, or understand the “why”?  Well, I understand. The NRA, and it’s membership understand. Tough Gun Crime legislation promoted and passed with NRA, and member support putting dangerous and violent criminals in Prison is what did it. The NRA and it’s members are responsible for saving countless lives in the tens of thousands. It comes as no coincidence that in 1993 that the NRA resolved to show how effective legislation to control “crime and criminals” would make meaningful reductions.

By point of that historical effectiveness, today likely the best way to minimize, reduce, and eliminate this horrific phenomenon of gun violence in our public schools, would be to engage and partner with the NRA and it’s members; not attack them. The NRA have proven the ability to promote and pass effective Legislation reducing crime, and deaths in America with firearms. Don’t underestimate NRA resolve, and ability to solve a problem, or mission. As former Clinton spokesman and ABC News Host George Stephanopoulos said, “Let me make one small vote for the NRA. They’re good citizens. They call their congressmen. They write. They vote. They contribute. And they get what they want over time.”

The Left’s Efforts to Unwind Proven NRA Sponsored and Enacted Crime Reduction Solutions

President Obama started to unwind these tough NRA promoted anti-crime gun sentences. The Left is on board and continuing his effort; both Sanders and Clinton at the DNC in their speeches called for reducing these sentences and for early releases of criminals in prison for these very convictions. Obama even resorted to flat deceit and lying while releasing “so-called non-violent” Drug offenders,  in just one day Aug, 3 2016 Obama commuted/pardoned/released 68 Convicted felons for 95 felony gun counts. During his Presidency, Obama pardoned or commuted the greatest number of violent gun-crime convicted felons of any President in our History. I exposed this dangerous hypocrisy of releasing and forgiving violent gun felons onto our streets, even as Obama was calling for more gun control after every mass school, terrorist, and police shootings! I was alone in exposing this abomination. Not one single Corporate media minion questioned his lying and deceitful actions, they swallowed his “non-violent drug criminal” characterization whole; without any challenge or inquisition.

The NRA Myth as the ‘Biggest, Richest, Donor and Lobby’ 

Turn on the TV news, or check the Front Page and News Magazines of the Corporate Media and they will gladly espouse and perpetuate the Left’s narrative of the NRA as the ‘Rich, All-Powerful Lobby’ in America. Most would think it is No. 1 on the list by the coverage of Liberal Corporate media. The NRA “own” lawmakers and their positions held by the sheer volume and weight of their Lobbying, and campaign money or donations they wield. Nothing could be further from the truth. Let’s look at the last Presidential election 2016 and the influence of donor money to the candidates from Gun Rights, and Gun Control donations. (this is aggregate, all Organizations, not NRA alone, or a specific Gun Control group alone)   SOURCE– the non-partisan

Written by Michael R. Bednarz

Jesus follower. Entrepreneur, Life-long Conservative, Political Junkie.

My writing mission....... Providing enlightened political insight, wit, and informed commentary as the antidote for the LameStream Media.


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