Tucker UNLEASHES! ‘Dem’s Support Lawlessness As Part Of A Larger Race War’

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Fox News’ Tucker Carlson unloaded on the Democrats’ radical immigration agenda in a segment Thursday.

“Democrats are now affirmatively in favor of illegal immigration.”


“Democrats–they’ve gone completely off the deep end. Twenty years ago, Bill Clinton gave speeches including the state of the union address, calling illegal immigration a danger to the middle class, because it was, demonstrably. Try saying that now at a Democratic fundraising dinner, you’d be dragged off the stage and charged with bigotry,” The Daily Caller co-founder said.
“Democrats are now affirmatively in favor of illegal immigration. Not an overstatement. They tried to shut down the government on behalf of illegal aliens. They claim that immigration laws that Congress passed with their support are now illegitimate and that the officers charged with enforcing those laws are fascists. And, of course, they’ve made all rational conversation impossible by framing the entire issue as a battle in some sort of larger race war. It’s shocking, but that’s not an exaggeration.”

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