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Twitter Just Pissed Off EVERYONE By Blocking The Most Powerful Man In The World – Free Speech Tyrants At Their WORST!

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The president’s millions of Twitter followers were outraged this week when they discovered that a number of his tweets were hidden behind a message reading: “This Tweet is not available because it includes potentially sensitive content.”

From Conservative Post:

The content filter that blocks these tweets is turned on by default, and the average Twitter user might not be aware that the filter can be disabled in the settings panel.

It was later discovered that those of the president’s tweets that were blocked all contained links to the Drudge Report.

Talk about a lack of free speech!

People are naturally upset that Donald Trump, The President of the United States and the leader of the entire free world, had his tweets BLOCKED because someone at Twitter found them offensive. I don’t know about you, but I’m deleting my twitter account immediately. That’s just asinine.

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