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Florida Just Made The Smartest Move Ever And ARMED Their Teachers…But Liberals Are Going INSANE At The New Law!

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Democrats and liberals are trying to exploit the recent Florida school shooting to push through gun reforms that even Obama and his Democrat-controlled Congress couldn’t pass back a few years ago. The Florida State Senate, however, decided to take a more responsible approach.

From The Sun-Sentinel:

All the kids wanted was for the adults to ban assault weapons — which caused such bloody devastation at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland.

And most of their teachers wanted to quash the notion of armed educators in Florida schools.

But the Florida Senate crushed both those hopes on Saturday, rejecting the weapon ban, and supporting arming teachers.

The Republican-led Senate also killed compromise measures, such as a ban within five miles of a school, a moratorium on assault weapons, or even a moratorium just on the AR-15, the type of semi-automatic rifle used in the Stoneman Douglas shooting.

The proposed legislation will not obligate schools to have armed teachers, but will allow educators to carry guns if so desired.

Local sheriffs will also have to sign off on schools in their districts allowing teachers to bear arms.

The legislation would also take several other practical steps, like allocating money for bulletproof glass and single-point-of-entry systems, banning firearm accessories that allow semi-automatic rifles to fire at near-automatic rates, and making it a second-degree felony to even threaten a school shooting on social media.

Florida lawmakers have been furious over the FBI’s failure to take action months ago when the Florida school shooter publicly threatened in a YouTube comment to do precisely what he ended up doing.

Is arming teachers in the classroom a good idea? Do you think this will help keep kids safe, or will it just bring about more gun violence in our schools? Let us know your thoughts below.

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