Good Riddance! After 6 FAILED Attempts To Prevent ‘America First’ Agenda, Gary Cohn Resigns

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As White House economic adviser Gary Cohn resigns from the White House, Breitbart News looks back on six times that the economic globalist attempted to derail President Trump’s “America First” agenda.

1. Gary Cohn’s War on Coal

White House National Economic Council director Gary Cohn, a former Goldman Sachs banking executive, has reopened the U.S. government’s war on coal in direct contravention of directions from President Donald Trump.

“Coal doesn’t even make that much sense anymore as a feedstock,” Cohn said in Europe on Air Force One, while speaking for the White House to the press, the New York Times’ Brad Plumer noted. [Emphasis added]

“Natural gas, which we have become an abundant producer, which we’re going to become a major exporter is, is such a cleaner fuel,” Cohn continued.

 2. Gary Cohn’s Attempt to Soften Trump’s Actions Against China

Cohn and Mnuchin — the West Wing’s biggest proponents of free trade — tried to get Trump to water down his actions against China and on trade, in general, as Breitbart News reported. [Emphasis added]

3. Gary Cohn’s Failed Effort to Keep U.S. in Paris Climate Agreement

Cohn was notably an advocate for the Trump administration staying in the Paris Climate Agreementdescribing the president in May as “evolving” on the issue. [Emphasis added]

“His views are evolving, which is exactly what they should be,” Cohn told reporters during a press briefing in Sicily at the G7 summit.

Despite Cohn’s advice, Trump announced his decision to withdraw from the Paris agreement.

4. Gary Cohn’s Campaign Promoting Job-Killing Trans-Pacific Partnership

In addition to illegal immigration, trade was what motivated key voters in states like Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin to vote for Trump. Top White House advisers like Gary Cohn, though, was on the other side of the issue, praising the “historic trade pact” in an op-ed that was published in a foreign publication. [Emphasis added]

5. Gary Cohn Pushing ‘Business-Friendly Economic Policies’ in White House

Reuters reported:

In a White House marked by infighting, top economic aide Gary Cohn, a Democrat and former Goldman Sachs banker, is muscling aside some of President Donald Trump’s hard-right advisers to push more moderate, business-friendly economic policies. [Emphasis added]

6. Gary Cohn’s Last Failed Attempt to Stop Trump’s Steel, Aluminum Tariffs

Gary Cohn is leading a last-ditch effort against President Donald Trump’s plan to put modest tariffs on imported steel and aluminum. [Emphasis added]

Cohn is attempting to organize a “summit” of business leaders opposed to the tariffs, according to a person familiar with the matter. Executives at companies that use the metals to build their products, including automakers and other manufacturing companies, have expressed a desire to meet with Trump to head off the tariffs.

Trump, however, is standing by his call for the tariffs. On Monday, the president said“we’re not backing down” on the plan to put a 25 percent tariff on imported steel and a 10 percent tariff on imported aluminum.

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