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A Boy Scout Leader Who Molested a Boy Over 200 Times Was Just Released From Prison…AFTER 4 MONTHS!

A Boy Scout leader was released from jail four months after being accused of molesting a boy 200 hundred times over the years, according to a Sunday report.

From Daily Caller:

Boy Scout leader  and doctor Joseph T. Mackey was originally sentenced to five years in jail but is going to be released after completing a 120-day sex offender assessment program, the New York Post reported.

Mackey’s case evaluator noted he would be released “hesitantly,” a judge said in a court order.

Mackey was found guilty of one count of statutory sodomy. His victim alleged Mackey sexually abused him for an undisclosed amount of years at least 200 times starting when he was 11. 

“As a seemingly trusted medical professional, Scout and community leader, he knew what I needed as a young child and chose to take whatever he wanted of me,” the victim said in a statement.  “I was robbed of normalcy and a normal adolescence.”

How is this right in any way, shape, or form? This man robbed a young boy of his entire life, and he was only sentenced to five years…and then he gets out in 4 months? Why is the American justice system so lenient on these predators who should be in jail for LIFE for their crimes?

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