POLL: Would Repealing The 2nd Amendment Create Another Civil War?

Many liberals have taken ‘action’ against gun violence. By ‘action’, we mean calling on the complete removal of one of Americas most fundamental rights; the uninfringed right for every American citizen to possess guns (i.e. arms) in order to protect the liberty and freedom bestowed upon them by the grace of God.

I feel this argument of repealing the second amendment to be a shallow view and a knee-jerk reaction to our deep desire to ensure the safety of our children and loved ones. The complications of simply “removing guns” goes far beyond day-to-day safety. The original intention behind the amendment is more complicated than having the ability to protect your property or the ability to hunt. America was founded so that individual citizens could work collectively in the pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness free of the reign of one individual, or ideal, or theology, what have you.

I fear that such an attack on a bedrock of American freedom and liberty would bring us closer to major division not unlike that which was born at the beginning of the Civil War.

Do you agree?

What do you think?

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  1. You have no idea of what will happen should the leftist try to take Americans 2nd amendment rights away. This is the bedrock of FREEDOM you can’t fool with that. I for one, will not relinquishment or adhere to confiscation demand. Ever heard of “FROM MY COLD DEAD HANDS” Gun owners won’t play.
    We will not ever give up or “personal power”

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