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Maine Teen Arrested After He Claimed He Wanted To Be ‘The Most Notorious School Shooter’ in History

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A high school student in Maine accused of threatening a school shooting in posts on an online gaming site has been arrested.

From Bangor Daily News:

Ellsworth schools Superintendent Daniel Higgins says the threat did not reference a specific school, but the website’s host provided the FBI with an IP address that led to an Ellsworth High School student.

Nineteen-year-old Michael Allen was arrested and charged with terrorizing.

Police Chief Glenn Moshier tells WCSH-TV the threat did not mention any specific time or date but was determined to be credible. He says the author of the messages estimated he could kill as many as 30 people.

“It was Mr. Allen’s express intention to become the most notorious school shooter in American history by exceeding the number of people killed recently in Florida,” Hancock County Deputy District Attorney Toff Toffolon said during a Friday court hearing on the matter, according to WABI television. “He told the police, ‘I didn’t expect you to catch on to this so fast, I’m surprised you know about this already, I thought I had more time.’”

Moshier says Allen was supposed to graduate from the school last year but has yet to meet a few non-academic requirements.

This kind of thing is terrifying. Had he not made his comments public, who knows what could have happened. He might not have been caught in advance, and this could be another disaster to have happened in one of our schools. Thank God he was stopped.


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