CNN: ‘Gun Control Is Not Enough, We Must COMPLETELY Remove The Second Amendment’

Whenever the gun control debate heats up and Second Amendment supporters maintain they won’t support any sort of gun ban, some on the left condescendingly insist “Nobody is talking about taking your guns.”

But that reassurance rings hollow when other voices on the left let slip that, yes indeed, they do want to ban guns, nearly all of them to be specific, as was revealed by the wild cheering of the crowd at CNN’s anti-gun rally of hate when Sen. Marco Rubio cautioned that an “assault weapons” ban would include virtually all semi-automatic firearms.

According to Truth Revolt, the end goal of a repealed Second Amendment and ban on virtually all guns in common use was also recently revealed by New York Times “conservative” columnist Bret Stephens, as well as CNN analyst Kirsten Powers.

Powers was in a debate with conservative commentator Mary Katherine Ham on CNN anchor Jake Tapper’s “The Lead” when she called for guns of all sorts to be “banned everywhere” and suggested that no one needs an AR-15-style semi-automatic rifles and only need to protect their homes with a shotgun — presumably of the pump-action variety, as she admitted that all semi-automatic firearms should be banned.

BizPac Review reported that Powers had blamed mass shootings on AR-15s and other semi-autos and Ham responded by asking if the answer was to ban them all, to which Powers replied “Yes.”

“I appreciate the honestly,” Ham interjected. “The problem is that the courts and the institution stand in your way.”

Powers, asked to clarify if she meant all semi-automatics by Tapper, replied, “Well, no, I mean, I think there could be things you can do if somebody wanted to have one. I actually have friends who believe they are toys, and so they want to use them at a shooting range, and then you can have something where they keep them locked in the shooting range and use them there.”

“But you don’t have to have that to protect your house,” Powers insisted. “Look, I say this all the time. I grew up in Alaska, had 12 guns, I’m not anti-gun. We were more than able to protect our house with a shotgun. I don’t know why you need this kind of gun when you weigh it against the damage of — I really urge people to read the article by a doctor talking about the difference of what she treats gunshot victims all the time.”

Ham interjected again and noted that the vast majority of gun violence is perpetrated with handguns, not rifles, and asked if the next step would be to ban handguns, to which Powers replied, “Actually, they are banned in a lot of places.”

Ham then asked if gun crime was lower in those places where handguns are banned, to which Powers admitted it was not before launching the tired canard about criminals buying guns from other states with lax gun laws — a narrative that ignores the substantially lower gun crime rates in those neighboring states.

“Like, Chicago, people go to states that don’t have them banned, buy them, run them into Chicago and sell them,” Powers said. “So, actually, if they were banned everywhere, we might have a different outcome.”

According to The Washington Free Beacon, Ham rightly pointed out that Democrats would “fail miserably” if they campaigned on an “assault weapons” ban expanded to include all semi-automatics and handguns, as Powers had insinuated.

After some back-and-forth about “nefarious” organizations like the National Rifle Association — or Planned Parenthood — and their supporters and detractors, Ham made clear that banning all semi-automatics was a position well outside the “mainstream.”

Powers eventually attempted to walk back her prior statement and said she didn’t want to ban all guns, but when pressed for specifics by Tapper, stated, “This is all I’ll say: a high capacity gun that you can go in and mow down 17 people and kill them, I have a problem with.”

So there you have it folks, straight from your elitist betters at CNN; you don’t need an AR-15, and if we decide to let you own one, you can keep it locked up at the gun range. Also, handguns must be banned and you’ll be just fine with Uncle Joe Biden’s shotgun as your only means of defense.

Via ConservativeTribune

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