POLL: Would Shutting Down The NRA Reduce or Stop School Shootings?

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Why is the NRA the enemy during violent events? Would shutting down the NRA actually reduce or stop school shootings?

Every time a shooting occurs the left immediately calls foul on Republicans, White men, Southern culture and the NRA. They point the finger at everyone except the individual committing the crime. Never once do they blame the media which obsesses and glorifies such tragedies, which perpetually stirs up the division existing in this nation in order to drum up ratings and rake in profits. Never once do they blame violent gangs that typical exist due to poverty sustained by the crippling dependency of individuals to liberal ‘aid’ programs. Never once do they consider that removing God and loosely defining morals and berating Conservative viewpoints (not to mention idolizing the murder of unborn children) has led to the loss of value for human life.

The more liberal our country has become, the angrier everyone has become, the more hopeless they have felt, the more violent they have become. The very people attacking RESPONSIBLE, CIVIL, RIGHTFULLY gun carrying Americans are the very same people laying a welcome mat at our Nations border in order to usher in EXTREMELY VIOLENT immigrants from Mexico and beyond.

Think about this. If murder is in the heart of a person, they will murder. Attacking, demonizing, and banning the tool or weapon of choice does nothing to stop the murderer. But, changing the mind and heart of the individual WILL stop the murder.

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