POLL: Oprah Called Anti-Gun Movement The ‘New Civil Rights Movement’ – Agree?

Oprah compared the anti-gun movement to the civil rights movement.

Do you agree?

Is she way off topic?

If you participated in the civil rights movement, is this comment offensive or accurate?

What do you think?

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  1. takes into account Arming Ukraine to Fight Separatists

    a growing number of senior military and civilian advisors to President Obama support providing defensive weapons to Ukraine as that country comes under increasing attacks by Russian backed separatist groups.

    New discussions about specifically what aid to provide the fledgling Ukrainian forces comes as pro Russian rebels announced plans to increase their ranks to 100,000 volunteers in upcoming weeks. Observers say the rebels are unlikely to find so many additional volunteers and this could just be a cover to bring in more Russian troops. Officials ensure that chief among those advocating for a more aggressive support is Gen. Philip Breedlove, NATO’s military commander, As New York Times first accounted on Sunday. Defense assistant Chuck Hagel, Who might be replaced by the end of the month, will also support sending defensive weapons. Secretary of State John Kerry is expected to discuss the issue with Ukrainian leadership ukrainian date when he visits Kiev on Thursday.

    But those systems can’t prevent the artillery attacks, Which are disastrous Ukrainian civilians and military forces. Has complicated defensive systems to locate artillery rounds at its disposal, But providing those systems has confirmed to be a more delicate military and political dilemma. That’s considering that of the artillery fire is coming from inside Russia, While the mortars are from the rebels. administrators, Discussing the matter on the fitness of anonymity, Tell ABC News the federal government is wary of providing weapons that would directly engage Russian forces, A move who is going to all but solidify a proxy war with Putin.

    “We are constantly assessing our policies in Ukraine to ensure they are responsive, most appropriate, And calibrated to realize our objectives, The White House said in an emailed mantra Monday. “even so, We are particularly serious about recent escalating separatist violence and separatist attempts to expand the territory they currently occupy further beyond the ceasefire line agreed to in Minsk on September 19, As well as growing toll of civilian and military casualties,

    The statement also said the White remains concentrated “Pursuing the most effective results through diplomatic means,

    But a new report generated by a grouping of former senior American officials, while the former NATO commander Adm. would need to “Bolster prevention in Ukraine” by giving $3 billion in defensive military aid to the Ukrainians over the next three years. The reports says that support include, among other things, Sending unmanned monitoring drones, e – anti drone devices, Armored Humvees, illuminate armored missiles, And table battery radars.

  2. points of views of an Asian

    All distribution are subjected for review. if you’d like approval, Then do not thoughts us or delete them before 48hrs of post time. submissions are limited to text based posts. You may include links to newsworthy items within that post using your analysis on how it relates to the Asian male experience. This is to urge the exchange of ideas between us, in preference to merely commenting on the world around us.

    No outrage porn or unsuccessful whining/minging/salt farming in top level posts or comments.

    I was born in Taiwan, And immigrated to Canada while i was three. I’ve miraculously managed to retain my Mandarin and Taiwanese fluency to a relatively high degree, And I picked up Japanese in higher education as well.

    On variances between USA and Canada:

    I been years into the future lurker on this thread, And I do notice that a majority of the perspectives shared here are usually from Asian American viewpoints that I find harder to relate to, Even if I sympathize and notice it.

    I believe that Canadian and American societies treat multiculturalism very differently, Which can cause stark contrasts in how Asians as a racial group are viewed and treated. We grow up in Canada being told that diversity is a strength, That beauty is derived from multiculturalism, And that we should each be in tune with our own cultural qualification. of course, Some may argue that such a mosaic style multiculturalism just allows each race to live in their own little bubble, And naturally breeds an even stronger and malicious form of racism, But that’s take into account discussion, And I honestly don’t believe that this is the case, Having lived here my very existence.

    America alternatively, Is more of a melting pot at least that’s what I gathered from my expertise in America and its ethnic conflicts. You are expected to ‘Americanize’ and to adopt the American way of life. The less of your culture for you to simply retain, the better.

    I’d love to hear the Asian American perspective in please note, But i’ll tell my story and experiences.

    I immigrated when I was three years old to a small city called Kitchener in Southern Ontario, And I grew up in the suburbs of a majority white community. my neighbor and I were the only two Asian kids in the entirety of my elementary school. as a child, I was teased for my unique characteristics before, But never outright bullied if you are Asian. I would even go so far as to say that my fellow playmates didn’t really even register that I was of a different racial background and to bully or isolate me for it. repeatedly, This was a white majority local community, So I attribute this lack of racial discrimination to the multiculturalist agenda that Canada has been actively pushing since the era of Pierre Trudeau.

    After running to Waterloo (Tech hub and university town), when middleschool and highschool, I started to interact with other Asian teens initially, And that was when I realized that alongside my linguistic abilities, I was rather of a banana (Yellow externally and white on the inside). My white suburb childhood for certain made me very white cultured. I discovered now, the advantage with my own Asian background (K explode, cartoons, The glory of Asian background economies). As an hard anodized cookware male, a lot of romantic interest still came from Asian females. Most couples were AMAF and WMWF it was almost as if each race kept to their personal. I wouldn’t say that this was as a racism per se, Since I did see a large number of interracial couples (you bet, AMWF was not unusual either, and that they weren’t hated on). I would attribute this more to the fact that Asian Canadians can afford to live in their own cultural bubbles and perhaps not be pressured to ‘Canadianize.’ There were definitely a lot of other women from different ethnic groups that were in to Asian men in my highschool, But due to many of the Asian guys preferring to date Asian girls, Asian male and non Asian female couples were not so common.

    Even though I was significantly more ‘Asian’ by the time I moved to Toronto, I wasn’t quite ready for the sheer amount of Asians that lived here, And the power and sway that Asian culture holds on an entire city. If I had to go into detail it, I would say that there’s almost this sense that being Asian or engaging with Asian culture was almost coveted or ‘cool’. I attended the university or college of Toronto for four years and graduated just last year. It would be accurate to say that most of the university had some form of yellow fever (female and male). it’s no shocker that Asian females are highly sought after in multicultural cities, But there is a large number of non Asian females that now have their sights set on Asian men in particular, Or are open to dating one. I noticed an up tick understand as well for the number of Asian male and non Asian female couples in the city, Whereas what amount of Asian female and non Asian male couples stayed relatively the same. I would attribute this to two main factors: 1. The cultural import of ‘cool’ Asian culture from korea and japan in the form of trendy music (kpop), bars, shows on tv (Kdramas and cartoons), makeup usage, designer, Hair boutiques, retailers, and the like. this particular the sense of coolness to Asian men, Even in the eyes of girls that are not weaboos or koreaboos. 2. auto rise of China and the changing views of Asians in Canada, From being the offspring of railroad workers and the low income groups, to help “Asians are actually wealthy, drive your car nice cars, Own acreage, Are well proficient, Make fabulous and stable romantic partners, Are family orientated, Are sexy geeks, Are model voters, therefore forth,

    passionately, As an Asian Canadian man who had university, I didn’t really face much elegance. after all, There were non Asian women who romantically pursued me. I did eventually go long-run with my current SO, Who is Asian good, But that had been not because I wasn’t open to dating outside my race, But mainly because it worked out best with her and we clicked on a deeper level (Does this have to do with a shared cultural background? actually, but again, Another conversation). making on this, I have met non Asian female friends through the years that have confided that they find Asian men inexplicably attractive and have a preference for them. I found this shocking merely because weren’t weaboos, Koreaboos, Or in some way greatly have used Asian culture. I think that this is due to the dating culture in Toronto as a whole transforming in a manner that it is now more favourable for Asian Canadian men because the perspectives of Asians and Asian culture has changed positively and greatly in the past decade. I would venture to say that both Asian and non Asian females don feel any if you are seen in Toronto with Asian men. I wouldn go where to say that stereotypes of Asian men being effeminate or such has gone away, But as a general rule, just about all educated Torontonians don give those stereotypes any credence.

    Asian Canadian women as a rule are very open to dating Asian men and view their own culture and men highly. there isn’t really putting down of Asian culture or Asian men. a great deal no culture of white male worship amongst Asian women here in Canada it’s more like if she happens to romantically click with a white male, than sure, she’ll date, particular deal. Most Asian Canadian for women who live many Asian friends, Usually speak at least one Asian words semi fluently, or have dated Asian guys before, Inthe 2016 analysis, 46% of Canadians said they felt insecure by the growing Chinese presence in their country.

    The creeping yellow peril fear is likely linked to the growing number of migrants from China, even more so into Metro Vancouver where ethnic Chinese now make up 20% of the region’s 2.5 million people. Their buying power has been cited as the main cause of Metro Vancouver’sunaffordable housingand rising cost of living. Largely ignored are the corollary of the region’s strong economy, And the improved wealth of its majority (white-colored) Property owning population because of a rising asset values. The media has focused the public’s attention onhigh profile casesof criminals and corrupt officials fleeing China along with wealthy Chinese families paying massive sums as “has been” Ofthe migrants’ impacton the housing marketplace. The reporting tends to downplay or dismiss a host of other factors with regard to rising housing costs in major cities, Including calgary, that can cause foundhere,Hereandhere. The most popularnarrativeis that of a city under siege from unrestrained Chinese immigration and offshore investments aided by incompetent or corrupt Canadian government officials. “diligent” Canadians are crushed by the housing affordability crisis that benefits only the real estate industry and the politicians it controls.

    Riding on this plot, Last asian women late, The shadowy immigration law Watch Canada (IWC) dispersed flyers in the Metro Vancouver city of Richmond calling on white people to stop the “Plundering of canada” written by “these days arrived tens of thousands of wealthy Chinese,

    The flyers were swiftly ruined by BC Premier Christy Clark, Andother politicaland local community leaders.

    “It’s not what British Columbia is about and I think the way to stop it is for all those to condemn it, She these, Briefly deviating from the topic of oil pipelines at a November 30 press briefing.

    at this time, It was Clark who unintentionally produced the high point of BC’s latest anti Chinese outburst when her government imposeda 15% tax on foreign buyersof Metro Vancouver’s real estate last August. After having strenuously denied that foreign money was behind the region’s housing woes, The national shock move was seen as official confirmation that Chinese buying was indeed the cause.

    the particular IWC’s “Blame the far eastern” Message was nothing more than a footnote in the context of years of media reporting and Clark’s 15% tax move, It was satisfactory to spark public panic, Includinga police study, at all times condemnations, protests, And eveneditorializingfrom the Richmond stories. Her girly friend, Lisa Descary, Who also spoke at the Liu’s rallies, Described the flyers and the message blaming the Chinese for the region’s housing problems as an extension cord of “A long history of anti Chinese racism in vancouver,

    They complain about living amongst strangers who can’t or won’t speak English, And fear that their adult children have been pushed out by the city’s extremely expensive housing.

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