Trump Serves Gun Grabbing Liberals A Tall Glass Of Whoop A** With One Brutal Tweet

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President Donald Trump responded to criticisms of his administration’s stance on gun control Saturday on Twitter by arguing that if Democrats really cared, they would have passed suitable legislation during the Obama administration.

In the wake of a deadly school shooting at a high school in Parkland, Fla., Wednesday, the left has become extremely outspoken about the need for gun control in America, often criticizing the president for not doing more to address the problem.

While the National Rifle Association feared that former President Barack Obama would be the “most anti-gun president in American history,” his gun control record is rather unremarkable. His most impressive achievement in this area is represented by a rule that required the Social Security Administration to report disability-benefit recipients with mental health conditions to the FBI’s background check system, which would in theory prevent mentally-ill persons from acquiring firearms.

While action was limited, even when Democrats controlled both the House and Senate, Obama was vocal in his criticisms of the “gun violence epidemic,” asserting, “We do not have to accept this carnage as the price of freedom.”

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