NYT Reporter Under Fire After ‘Offensive’ Tweets About Florida School Victims

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A New York Times reporter quickly deleted a tweet on the Parkland shooting after he seemingly said it was more “sad” that the students were attacked because they were so “articulate.”

NYT investigative reporter Eric Lipton tweeted Thursday evening that it was even sadder that a mass shooting happened at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School because the students had been so “articulate.”

“Impressive how articulate and well educated these kids are from this school. Obviously a good school. Another sad reason for yesterday’s events,” Lipton tweeted. He then followed up the now-deleted tweet by saying it would also be sad if “poor kids” had been shot as well.

“And not saying it would be less sad it there were poor kids, obviously. Just such a waste to see kids with so much opportunity before them wiped out.”

Lipton deleted both tweets and apologized for the “intensively” written tweets. Lipton seems to have meant “insensitively” and misspelled it in his tweet.

Seventeen people died after alleged shooter Nikolas Cruz, a former student, opened fire at the Florida high school.

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