EXCLUSIVE: Heart-wrenching Video Released – Liberals Waste No Time Politicizing Another Tragedy

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Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, witnessed the most horrific event any American and parent could ever conceive. The horrendous school shooting that took place reportedly injured 20 to 50 civilians and killed approximately 17.

A video of children running from the school shows the panic and fear.

One student captured the horror inside the school. CAUTION: This video is disturbing for content and language.

This is a dark day written in American history. Families are grieving and Americans across this great nation are grappling with what could be done to protect our children. Unfortunately, Liberals and Democrats wasted no time in politicizing this event and throwing hate-filled rocks instead of focusing on those affected.

Fortunately, sound minds rose to challenge these political mosquitos.

What America needs is less noise from politicians and celebrities. The power of America lies in the hands, voices, and votes of the American people. Leaders are to represent the interests of the American voters, not to advance their own agenda to reap off the tragedies that occur. Is it any surprise that young Americans are spiteful? The very political party that attempts to sway them fills them with hate against their nation, against specific sex, race, ideals. They spew discontent instead of exemplifying true character and virtues that build and strengthen. Thanks for helping…


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