Trump Announces HUGE Plans For US Development

President Trump has announced big plans for infrastructure development. To show he means business he even donated his forth quarter salary to the Department of Transportation. The president’s proposal will create new jobs, strengthen our economy and improve the quality of life for everyone.

The Hill Reports:

Trump’s infrastructure plan, announced Monday, aims to spark $1.5 trillion in investment with $200 billion in federal funding. While supporters argue it’s an important investment in the nation’s infrastructure, some Democrats chided the investment as too small to foster enough development.

The president has donated his salary on a quarterly basis to various government agencies since taking office. In November, he gave his quarterly salary to help the Department of Health and Human Services address the opioid epidemic. In July, he gave the Department of Education a check to help promote science, technology, engineering and mathematics education, and in April, he sent his check to the National Park Service.

Of course the Democrats have something negative to say about it. Are you excited to hear about Trump’s HUGE plans to create new jobs and build our infrastructure?

What do you think?

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