OUTRAGE: Obama Hand-Picked Artist Famous For Racist Paintings of Black People BEHEADING White People

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The official portraits of the Obamas were unveiled today, but what was truly scary was Obama’s choice of artist. Kehinde Wiley is a far-left gay painter whose specialty is painting pictures of blacks beheading white people.


PJMedia Reports:

Wiley’s shtick appears to be taking famous paintings and recreating them with black people in order to represent blacks in Western masterpieces. (This, of course, begs the question of whether Wiley thinks white people are underrepresented in Asian art or in African art where very few white people are depicted.) His version of “Judith Beheading Holofernes” is raising eyebrows on social media.

The original painting by Caravaggio is a depiction of the apocryphal tale of Judith, who saved the Jewish people from death at the hands of Assyrian general Holofernes by seducing him and then cutting off his head in his sleep. In Wiley’s painting, a black woman is holding the decapitated head of a white woman. Media Matters thinks white people should not be alarmed at this depiction because it’s just art, stupid.

The message is clear: not only are whites oppressors in history but also on canvas. It isn’t enough for minority artists to create art, they must remake the great Western works in their own image in an effort to erase Western greatness. All of this is in the pursuit of fairness and equality, of course. It isn’t fair the masters didn’t paint black subjects or weren’t black themselves and so Wiley seeks to even those odds by desecrating the famed Western works and pushing the “blacks as victims” narrative in riotous colors. How boring. 

This race-baiting, virtue-signaling leftist is the painter that Barack Obama selected to paint his likeness. Why am I not surprised? This is the same man who couldn’t choose a normal pastor in Chicago but chose the one who was a black liberation theologian. Obama sat through 20 years of messages steeped in deep racism, anti-semitism, and anti-Americanism. Wiley’s worldview is a reflection of his subject’s views. Obama reveled in race-baiting throughout his presidency. He stoked the fires of hatred and division at every opportunity, never calling for calm or facts.

And that’s the statement Obama would like to leave us with. Are you surprised he would choose an artist like this?

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