Nunes Will Meet With Chief Justice Roberts – Reason Why Has Obama Sweating

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House Intelligence Committee Chair Devin Nunes is considering speaking with the Supreme Court Chief Justice over the newly revealed surveillance abuse by the FBI.

On Wednesday, Congressman Nunes said FISA judges may have been misled by the previous administration into issuing spy warrants against the 2016 Trump campaign.

Nunes is now seeking to discuss the matter with Chief Justice John Roberts, who is in charge of appointing judges to the Surveillance Court.

This comes after the GOP memo as well as a separate report from the NSA revealed possible Fourth Amendment violations by court warrants based off false evidence.

“Our next step with the courts is to make them aware, if they’re not aware already, that this happened by watching the news, so we will be sending a letter to the court,” said Nunes.

The House Intelligence chairman said he may ask both the Supreme Court and the Surveillance Court for a testimony before the House Intelligence Committee to discuss the violations as well as a path forward.


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