EXCLUSIVE: The Long Con Begins – Broke California City Prepares For Controversial Program

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An economic experiment (more like a long con) is about to begin in California, and America should remain ALERT. Michael Tubbs, the 26-year-old mayor of Stockton, California, thinks handing out $6,000 a year to low-income residents (with no strings attached) is the way to lift people out of poverty. Many have called this controversial experiment ‘universal basic income’.

Nothing is more demoralizing than the government – local or federal – taking control of your day-to-day life and basic rights. One of the things that truly makes America great, and is the reason why droves of immigrants try so hard to enter, is the endless possibilities afforded to every American in our economy.

Yes, some individuals have difficult setbacks and others have situations to which holistic resolution is narrow and difficult to achieve. But, the majority of Americans who will put their mind and talents to work have no real ceiling to complain of. Taxes suck, yes. Life is not fair, agreed. But, opportunity is the definitive factor. Opportunity is not simple or easy – yet it is there. We are also fortunate that the majority of Americans, if allowed to keep and control the destiny of their own finances, are often charitable in nature and eager to help their fellow citizens who are truly hindered by difficult times and trials.

Stockton is experimenting with controversial welfare program which gives low-income residents $500 a month, no questions asked. The money is coming from a private grant.

The California city, which went bankrupt in 2012, has recently made strides to become more economically viable but is still struggling.

The money for the universal basic income project comes from a $1 million private grant from the Economic Security Project, which is co-chaired by Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes.

Dorian Warren, who’s co-chairman the Economic Security Project, said the program will keep track of what recipients do with the money, and how having a “universal basic income” affects their self-esteem.

Giving money to poor people in need is a complicated idea, as we’ve discovered through debacles like DACA, once you hand out free stuff, you can’t simply stop and not expect backlash. Often such programs are instituted by Liberals and Progressives seeking to secure a voter base, and often at the cost of hard-working, rule-abiding Americans.

The efforts are masked as charity and equity. In all honesty, it is a con. Liberals are preying on the disenfranchised and giving them free everything, telling them it will bring them out of poverty. The truth is it makes a culture of people who are still struggling with the lingering effects and stigmas of 400 years of slavery and decades of systemic segregation dependent on not just the government, but a specific political arm of the government.

Morally, ethically, and economically wrong. It should be criminal. OPEN your eyes and you will see how this is just as debilitating and destructive as massive debt. Be alert. If such efforts are declared successful then the liberal government will justify stripping more money from the real workforce in order to give the poor a free ride through life.


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