Why Mexico’s Relationship With US Has IMPROVED Since Obama Administration

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Trump-haters may want to sit down for this one. Mexico’s foreign relations secretary has said that their relationship with the United States has improved tremendously since President Trump came into office. He describes relations between Mexico and the United States as “more fluid” and “closer” than it was during previous U.S. administrations, as shocking as that may seem to some.

From AP News:

Mexico has had well-publicized disagreements with President Donald Trump during the past year over trade, immigration and payment for a proposed border wall. But Foreign Relations Secretary Luis Videgaray said that “with the Trump administration, we’re committed to having a very close communication and that has proven to be a tremendous benefit for the relationship.”

“It might be surprising to some people, but that’s a fact of life,” Videgaray said at a joint news conference in Mexico with U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland. The three countries are currently renegotiating the North American Free Trade Agreement.

The three spoke about security concerns, especially the trafficking in opiates and synthetic opiates like fentanyl that have caused a wave of overdose deaths.

“Given the deadly nature of the opioid crisis, we must do more to attack the business model of those who traffic drugs and guns,” said Tillerson.

The Trump Administration has been accused to being too blunt, but it seems this has actually been advantageous in our diplomatic relations. Instead of wasting time dancing around the issues, the direct approach used by this administration gets everything on the table right away. Perhaps that is why they are finally making progress in addressing serious issues like the opioid crisis.


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