What A Hypocrite! Michelle Obama Mocks Melania Trump…Making Herself Look Stupid

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Michelle Obama thought it would just too funny to mock Melania Trump on Ellen, not realizing it just made her look like such hypocrite it’s hilarious. On inauguration day Melania Trump brought along gift for the former first lady. Instead of graciously receiving it, Michelle used the opportunity to try and embarrass Melania.

From The Gateway Pundit:


A laughing Obama told DeGeneres that Melania Trump had broken protocol by bringing the gift, saying, “Never before do you get this gift…what am I supposed to do with this gift.”, blaming Melania for placing her in an uncomfortable situation that forced President Barack Obama to resolve by taking the gift inside the White House.

The news media gleefully ran with Michelle Obama’s story of the uncouth rube Melania Trump showing up on the big day with a large, unwieldly ‘robin’s egg blue’ Tiffany gift box, forcing a breach of protocol that only Barack Obama could fix.

 There’s just one problem with Michelle Obama’s story: She herself just eight years before had presented First Lady Laura Bush with a gift in the exact same situation the morning of January 20, 2009 as Laura and out-going President George W. Bush met the Obamas at the North Portico of the White House on Barack Obama’s Inauguration Day. The only differences were Michelle Obama’s gift was in a white box with a red ribbon–and Laura Bush wasn’t flustered, she handled the gift with aplomb without any help from her husband.
Laura Bush may not have been happy to pass the torch to the next First Lady, but she handled the situation with class and grace. Then here’s Michelle still laughing about making Melania uncomfortable more than a year later.
Mainstream media was of course quick to laugh along with Michelle and Ellen. One would think that out of these hundreds of news outlets that reported on this “faux pas” some clever reporter must have thought to check the archives. Of course making conservatives look bad is always a greater priority than the truth.
Do you think mainstream media ignores anything that makes liberals look bad?

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