Liberals Will Go INSANE After Hearing Trump’s Awesome DREAMER Comment

Donald Trump pledged to take back the illegal immigration narrative from Democrats Thursday at the GOP retreat in West Virginia.

While speaking about DACA and illegal immigration legislation, the president echoed his remark at the State of the Union, when he said “Americans are DREAMers, too.” The comment received broad praise from conservatives and condemnation from liberals.

At Thursday’s speech, Trump said “Some people call it DREAMers. It’s not DREAMers. Don’t fall into that trap. It’s much different than DREAMers.”

Trump went on to say that he has “DREAMers” to take care of in America, too.

I said it the other night, we have DREAMers, too. We have DREAMers in this country, too. We can’t forget our DREAMers. I have a lot of DREAMers here.

Trump proceeded to say that he wanted DACA legislation passed with the support of the Democrats in addition to calling for a border fence and an end to chain migration.

Via DailyCaller

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