WOW, Democrats Are Jumping on the Trump Train After Failed Shutdown [video]

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Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin thinks there is a dire need for increased border security to deal with illegal immigration, and said President Donald Trump is sympathetic to dealing with Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival recipients, Wednesday on CNN’s “New Day.”

“We have to have border security,” Manchin said. “We know that. So if the president calls it a border wall, we do need a wall. We need to repair some wall. We need build some new wall. We need other technologies too.”

Host Chris Cuomo said it would be a hard pill for Democrats to swallow because Trump would rub it in their face, but Manchin shrugged it off and said it doesn’t matter so long as it gets done.

“It’s messaging because you Democrats are going to have to swallow him rubbing your face in it and saying ‘I got the wall you lost.’ It matters politically,” Cuomo said.


“We need to get past this,” Manchin said. “The rhetoric is what it is. The president is going to say what he’s going to say. That doesn’t upset me as long as we have a final product and a pathway forward … We have a hard deadline. March 5th these kids start moving out technically if we don’t do something. February 8th the government shuts down again if we don’t have a deal. There’s no time to waste here.”

The West Virginia Democrat who is up for re-election in November said he believes Trump is sympathetic to DACA recipients and is confident a deal can get done.

“I met with [President Trump] two days ago, sat in his office. Myself and Doug Jones sat with the president. I can tell you he believes these children need a pathway forward,” Manchin continued. “There might be people around him that aren’t quite as sympathetic as he is. My gut tells me the president wants to get this done. I’m willing to continue to keep working with him in a bipartisan way, be an honest broker, tell him what I think will work and won’t work.”


Via DailyCaller

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