Sen. Johnson Just Released The Biggest FBI Bombshell Yet – Reveals What Anti-Trump Secret Society Was Plotting

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The Russian collusion investigation, spearheaded by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, was supposed to bring an end to the Trump presidency by now. It wasn’t meant to drag on for months and months on end, still in want of ‘smoking gun’ evidence to do in the presidency.

Things aren’t getting any better for the FBI, especially in terms of optics. One FBI agent, recruited and then let go by the Mueller team, Pete Strzok, was hesitant to even join the investigation because he was concerned that there’s ‘no big there-there.’ In other words, it smacked of a wild good chase, which is exactly what it turned out to be.

Even more disturbing are the texts between Strzok and his mistress Lisa Page, an FBI lawyer, speaking almost in crime novel fashion about setting up a “secret society” to oppose President Trump.

Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) is seizing on the revelations to ratchet up the heat on Democrats who have been hoping to remove President Trump from office by bringing to bear the full authority of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

“That ‘secret society’ – we have an informant that’s talking about a group, they were holding secret meetings offsite,” Senator Johnson said on Fox News.

A secret society?” Baier asked.” Secret meetings off-site of the Justice Department? And you have an informant saying that?”

“Correct,” Johnson replied.

“Is there anything more about that?” Baier asked.

“No. But we have to dig into it — this is not a distraction. Again, this is bias — potentially corruption — at the highest level of the FBI,” Johnson stated.

“By the way,” he added. “Robert Mueller used to run the FBI. He is in no position to do an investigation over this kind of misconduct.”

“So I think at this point in time we probably should be looking at a special counsel to undertake this investigation — but Congress is going to have to continue to dig,” he added.

“When you see this kind of bias and corruption in the FBI you have to ask the question, are there similar individuals highly biased — political operatives burrowed into the Department of Justice as well. Does Attorney General Sessions really have a department he can rely on and trust as well?” Johnson asked, rhetorically.

Robert Mueller, time to call your office.

Via BizPAC

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