Trump Admin Just Made RINO Graham Eat His Own Bitter Words

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Lindsey Graham is embattled with the White House and his own party. Again.

The White House delivered a scathing rebuke of Graham after the Republican senator accused Trump aide Stephen Miller of sabotaging immigration negotiations between the GOP and Democrats.

On Sunday afternoon, Graham told the press that he believes President Trump’s “heart is right” on the issue of immigration, but that senior policy adviser Stephen Miller is one of the staff members responsible for having “yanked back” the president on proposals.

“As long as Stephen Miller is in charge of negotiating immigration we are going nowhere,” the South Carolina lawmaker said. “He’s been an outlier for years.”

White House spokesman Hogan Hidley fired back at Graham in a statement that mirrored the senator’s own language.

“As long as Senator Graham chooses to support legislation that sides with people in this country illegally and unlawfully instead of our own American citizens, we are going nowhere,” Hidlley said. “He’s been an outlier for years.”

Graham was one of five Republican senators who broke party line to vote against the stop-gap funding measure that would have prevented a government shutdown Friday night.

Democrats opposed the bill because it did not offer protection for illegal aliens. Republicans have offered to reach a deal on immigration, but Democrats have balked at ceding on wall funding and ending chain migration, as noted by the president.

The senator has been a fierce critic of President Trump, often targeting the president’s stance on immigration.

Graham has called on the president and Congress to pass protection for illegal aliens who were given permits under the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, which the Trump administration ended.

Graham, whose campaign during the 2016 presidential race only lasted six months, recently criticized President Trump for his alleged comment calling Haiti and other third-world nations “s***hole countries”–even though he called such countries “hellholes” in 2013.

Stephen Miller is considered a hardliner on immigration, and has been an aggressive surrogate of the president in the media, recently shutting down CNN host Jake Tapper in a heated debate.

Graham was excoriated on Twitter for his attack on Miller.

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