President Trump Takes Dems To Task – ‘NO DACA DEAL Until Senate Dems Reopen The Government’

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President Trump is officially playing hardball.

The White House stated on Saturday that it will not agree to a deal on the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, until the Senate approves a funding bill for the government’s operation, the Washington Examiner reports.

The shutdown occurred after Senate Democrats on Friday night refused to vote for a stop-gap measure that would have kept the government running until February 8.

Democrats opposed the funding bill because it does not include protection for DACA beneficiaries. President Trump and congressional Republicans have expressed willingness to give reach a deal on DACA, but on the condition of receiving border wall funding and an end to chain migration in exchange.

Following the shutdown, which may put military pay in jeopardy, White House legislative affairs director Marc Short said their position “remains the same.”

“We continue to remain anxious to reach a deal on DACA, and we look forward to resuming those negotiations as soon as the Senate Democrats reopen the government,” Short said at a press conference on Saturday.

The stop-gap measure was shot down in the Senate on a 50-49 vote after being passed by the Republican-controlled House. Several mainstream media outlets, including the New York Times and Associated Press, acknowledged Democrats’ role in shutting down the government.

Short accused Democrats of “conducting a two-year-old temper tantrum.”

President Trump excoriated Democrats for provoking the shutdown in several Saturday tweets.

Following the shutdown, the president canceled a Saturday trip to his Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida, where he was to attend a gala and fundraiser marking the one-year anniversary of his inauguration.

President’s son’s Donald Jr. and Eric were scheduled to take his place at the event.

Is President Trump getting ready for retribution on behalf of America’s citizens?

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