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Fox Sports Just Did Something So OFFENSIVE That Millions Are Boycotting The Channel Entirely

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We literally cannot believe that Fox would pull a disrespectful move like this, but believe us when we tell you – it’s happening.

From Conservative Post:

The first major broadcast domino has fallen. In response to crashing ratings, plummeting ticket sales, and a public backlash fueled by none other than the leader of the free world, Fox Sports has decided to cry Uncle! Becoming the first major NFL broadcast partner to publicly say that they will no longer air the national anthem.
Instead, Fox Sports is now saying that they will go back to what they had done in the past, namely, not showing the playing of the anthem during game broadcasts, according to Newsday.

Calling this year, “one of the more bizarre starts to the season that we have ever had,” Fox Sports President Eric Shanks released a statement saying: “The standard procedure is not to show them because of the way the commercial format works and the timing of the anthem to get to the kickoff,” Shanks said Tuesday at an event to promote Fox’s soccer coverage of the 2018 World Cup. “So I think we’re going to pay attention to events.

“Who knows what’s going to happen? A lot of time is happening between now and then. But I think the plan would be to get back to a normal schedule. I think that’s where we sit today on a Tuesday . . . It seems like there’s more than 24 hours in a day now, doesn’t there?”

But liberal sports reporters are already crying foul with the move to “get back to football.”

Matt Yoder of Awful Announcing, for instance, is furious with Fox for taking away the players’ forum to protest against the country, especially because it will cut off a way to attack Donald Trump.

Yoder slammed Fox saying, “it’s impossible to go back to a normal schedule now when the NFL and its athletes are in the middle of a culture war with the sitting President of the United States.

“The anthem will be a huge story this week and likely will be throughout the remainder of the season as well,” the Awful Announcing writer insisted.

The NFL has ruined themselves, and now it seems that Fox Sports is poised to follow them down the toilet. Apparently, no one in sports really understands what the National Anthem really means.

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