Democrat’s 2018/2020 Election Goal – To Prevent ‘White Christian Women’ From Voting

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Democrat political activists are intent on electing more pro-abortion women who can be swayed by their identity politics pitch – and Christian women are off the list.

In a tweet Sunday, the Democrats posted their wish list of women they want to elect: “Black women, LGBT women, Muslim women, Disabled women, Jewish women (listed twice), Latina women, Millennial women, AAPI women.”

Christian women were omitted from the list.

Emily’s List – an organization whose goal is to elect pro-abortion Democratic women to public office – is working to get more progressive women to run for office by fueling further their frustration over the failure of Hillary Clinton to win the White House over Donald Trump.

“I’ve never seen anything like this,” said Stephanie Schriock, President of EMILY’s List, reports the Associated Press. “Every day, dozens more women come to our website, come to our Facebook page and say, ‘I am mad as hell. I want to do something about it. What should I do now?’”

According to the news report, following the 2016 presidential election, about 1,000 women visited the organization’s website to find out about how to run for office. Website visitors have now surpassed 26,000.

Republican women, however, are also rolling up their sleeves to enter the political fray.

AP reports:

On the state level, 36 governor’s races will be contested in 2018. The Center for American Women and Politics says 49 Democratic women, including two incumbents, and 28 Republican women have indicated they will run for those seats. There has never been more than nine women serving as governor at the same time.


“Twenty-five percent of state legislators are women, and that’s clearly insufficient,” Matt Walter, head of the Republican State Leadership Committee, told AP. “That’s a Democratic and Republican number, and something we really felt strongly was something we needed to change.”

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