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Trump Is President Because Liberal Policies Like THIS ONE Kill American Jobs

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Elections have consequences, and so do mandatory minimum wage hikes. Businesses, like restaurant chains, are feeling the pinch of minimum wage increases that have been mandated in certain states.

The demand for a national minimum wage of $15/hour has become a rallying cry for liberal leftists who don’t understand the basic principles of supply and demand. Businesses have claimed reduced foot traffic and mandatory layoffs have been the largest outcome of the new mandate. The wage hike mandates could be disastrous for these companies if a substantial change isn’t implemented.

The businesses are located mostly in the West where many states have enforced the wage hikes at a faster pace than the rest of the country.

Detrimental liberal policies like these have actually hurt the people they aim to help. By attacking the free market system of supply and demand, companies are forced to eliminate jobs and invest in automated operations that permanently remove the jobs individuals once possessed. One could argue that having a job at $8 an hour is a lot better than no job at all.

Hopefully, the booming Trump economy can allow breathing room for sound minds to prevail and help to create jobs in the future that grateful Americans can work and thrive with.

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