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Oprah Went Off on Sexual Predators at The Golden Globes, But She Must Have Forgotten Her Close Friendship With Harvey Weinstein

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Oprah might really be against rape, but the notion that she actually cares about all of the Hollywood actresses who were being sexually assaulted for decades by her longtime close friend Harvey Weinstein is ridiculous. Everyone else in Hollywood has always whispered about Weinstein’s behavior, so how can Oprah have known about it, and said and done nothing?

From Conservative Post:

As with Weinstein’s other top-tier Hollywood buddies, either Oprah knew, or she’s dumb as a brick.

That very recent pictures doesn’t look like Oprah’s “out of the loop” when it comes to Weinstein’s misdeeds. It looks like someone who knows her good friend intimately.

Conservative radio talk show host Mark Levin went further, directing the biggest problem with Oprah’s supposedly “brave” speech:

“Why didn’t she say:

‘I’m standing here before you today Hollywood and you should be embarrassed of yourselves. You should all be embarrassed of yourselves to be part of a community that tolerated decades of debauchery, decades of sexual molestation, decades of sexual harassment. And there are many of you in the audience who knew who the perpetrators are and were and never came forward, in order to protect your careers or promote your careers…’

“Now that would have been a SPEECH worthy of a presidential wannabe. But no, no. Instead we hear about Jim Crow and the NAACP. Which is fine, but has nothing at all to do with what’s taking place today in Hollywood. Nothing. Nothing.

“What she should have told girls watching there is NOT to stand by while other girls are being molested and harassed because you want to become famous. Because you don’t want to rock the boat. Because you don’t want to challenge the Harvey Weinsteins of the world.

“No she didn’t say that.”

Do you think that Oprah is being extremely hypocritical by acting out, and voicing her issues with Hollywood while maintaining a close relationship with Weinstein?

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