White House Tells Oprah To Bring It On

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The White House had a message Monday for Oprah Winfrey: Bring it on. Although Oprah has not officially put in a bid for the presidency, the left is ready to hit the ground running if and when she does.

Responding to a clamor on the left for Ms. Winfrey to run for president in 2020 after her passionate speech at the Golden Globes, White House deputy press secretary Hogan Gidley said President Trump isn’t concerned about any challengers on the horizon.

“We welcome all comers,” Mr. Gidley said. “We welcome the challenge, whether it be Oprah Winfrey or anybody else.”

He said candidates in 2020 will be facing a tough incumbent in Mr. Trump.

Mr. Gidley said, “Regardless of who’s on the ballot, regardless who decides to run against this president, they are going to have to face a president who has record-setting achievements in record-setting time, whether it’s an economy that is booming, job creation, historic tax cuts and tax reform when that hadn’t been touched in 30 years, an increase in wages, an absolute decimation of ISIS in Iraq and Syria. (via: Washington Times)

This madness was started by one idiot in charge of the NBC Twitter feed during the awards show. “Nothing but respect for OUR future president,” the verified NBC account tweeted on Sunday night during its Golden Globes telecast, complete with an image of Winfrey, after host Seth Meyers joked about his desire for the talk show icon to run for office. They have since retracted the tweet, blaming it on a ‘third party.’

Oprah has responded saying she is “openly thinking” about running for president.


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