Reverse Sexism? Feminist Business School Aims To Turn Corporate America Around

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For some feminists, it’s not enough that women achieve equal pay in the work force: they want to drive the men out. The new Feminist Business School is an online program founded upon the theory of “feminine entrepreneurship” with topics such as “topping the patriarchy.”

Developer Jennifer Armbrust says she would like to see traditional capitalism get in touch with its feminine side. According to her philosophy currently capitalism focuses on masculine traits such as“individualism” and “speed and efficiency.”These traits, Armbrust claims, should be shunned in favor of more feminine ones, such as “mindfulness,” “gratitude,” and “generosity” — all traits that can help promote the “redistribution of money and power.”

Starting next week, the California-based Feminist Business School will play host to an eight-week online “Concepts and Conceptions” course, during which seasoned “midwives” will teach women about the stages of giving “birth” to a new business.

Each week of the course will focus on a different topic. Students will start with “getting grounded,” and will eventually progress into more advanced topics such as “the myth of meritocracy,” the “stages of birthing a business,” and “toppling the patriarchy.”

Understanding feminist theory before starting a business is crucial, since it will give you a “huge leg-up on established entrepreneurs” and  help you “avoid the frustrations and pitfalls of outdated masculine business models,” according to the program’s website.

The only faculty member of this school appears to be Armbrust, who does not appear to have any direct business experience, but did take a few business classes at Portland Community College. She concedes that her program will not teach any direct business skills, such as bookkeeping or legal knowledge, but suggests that she may offer such a course in the future. Currently, the Feminist Business School only offers one course, and does not appear to be accredited. (via: PJ Media)

Unfortunately to get ahead in today’s market you need skills such as bookkeeping and legal knowledge, but apparently that does not fit into Feminist Business School’s program. Do you think this online program would be valuable?



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