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Crybaby Reporters Stunned After John Kelly’s Response To Trump’s ‘Genius’ Tweets

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(Photo by Mike Theiler-Pool/Getty Images)

White House Chief of Staff John Kelly had sparse words for President Donald Trump’s tweet storm about what a genius he is Saturday morning.

White House reporters pressed Kelly for a response on a series of Trump tweets in which the president declared he was “like, really smart” and a “stable genius.” When he told them that he had yet to see them, reporters explained what Trump said, prompting the chief of staff to respond with “Ok.”

Kelly eventually gave reporters a longer statement after one reporter passed him his phone so Kelly could read the tweets himself. According to Kelly, Trump tweeted his statement so he could put out his own statement that wouldn’t get “filtered” through the media, the pool report revealed.

Trump sent out a series of tweets Saturday morning after critics came out to suggest the president was “mentally unstable” and unfit to serve in office.

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