EXCLUSIVE: Bannon BEGS For Trump’s Forgiveness, Tries To Take It All Back

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Steve Bannon has been so battered by the backlash from Michael Wolff’s book, he is desperate to make amends with the Trump family. In a recent statement he expresses deep regrets over what was said about President Trump and praises his son, Donald Trump Jr.

“Donald Trump, Jr. is both a patriot and a good man. He has been relentless in his advocacy for his father and the agenda that has helped turn our country around.”

“My support is also unwavering for the president and his agenda — as I have shown daily in my national radio broadcasts, on the pages of Breitbart News and in speeches and appearances from Tokyo and Hong Kong to Arizona and Alabama.”

 “President Trump was the only candidate that could have taken on and defeated the Clinton apparatus. I am the only person to date to conduct a global effort to preach the message of Trump and Trumpism; and remain ready to stand in the breech for this president’s efforts to make America great again.” (via: Axios)
These statements may not seem like sufficient repentance, but coming from Bannon, who views any concession as a sign of humiliating weakness, this is akin to groveling at the President’s feet. He also does not want to be associated with Fire and Fury, and who could blame him? Do you think Bannon should be forgiven for his slanderous statements?

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