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Tucker Warns Lawmakers To Remember Who Elected Them: ‘Betray Voters On Immigration, And Your TOAST’

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Republican lawmakers who might be tempted to give Democrats a “deal” on the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program without getting anything substantive in exchange might want to consider the people who put them in office in the first place.

Because settling for anything less than a wall and an end to chain migration will be nothing short of an outright betrayal of their voters, much less America, and Fox News host Tucker Carlson says the consequences will be dire.

“Now trying to cut a deal is reasonable,” Carlson said on his Friday show, “but amnesty should only be given in return for real and long term immigration reforms. Otherwise [it] will amount to yet another betrayal, the kind that voters have seen many times over the past 30 years, the kind that got Donald Trump elected in the first place, actually. America deserves real borders and policies that put American interests first, instead of an endless cycle of amnesty coupled with empty promises of future border enforcement at some time.”

Carlson quoted several statistics from Numbers USA showing that, despite the media’s insistence that the entire country disagrees with every Trump-related policy position, a majority of Americans are actually with the president on this one. For example, 57 percent of likely voters disagree with allowing amnesty-granded DACA voters to bring in family members – a.k.a. chain migration. Further, 60 percent of voters think the diversity visa lottery should be abolished.

“Restricting immigration is a lot more popular, for example, than defunding Planned Parenthood or cutting taxes for the wealthy or cracking down on marijuana [or] bombing distant countries,” the Fox News host noted, adding that the issue is exactly why Trump is president instead of Hillary Clinton.

And yet, quisling GOP lawmakers seem eager to cave on the issue, consequences be damned. Or perhaps they don’t understand them. For that, Carlson has the answer.

“If you see that kind of deal come out of Congress — and you may — the Republican Party is done, it’s over, it’s toast,” he said. “It’ll be a short epitaph too: Suicide.”

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