You Won’t Believe Who’s Planning To Run Against Trump in 2020

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She must be out of her mind if she thinks that she is going to beat Trump – so we’re going to have to just go ahead and call it now…Elizabeth Warren is a nut. Why else would she be raising so much money to take on Trump in the next election?

Conservative Post reports:

Warren is preparing for a run on the White House.

Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts appears to be angling for a presidential run in 2020, raising historic amounts of money and grooming top political connections within the Democratic Party.

The Massachusetts senator has amassed a campaign war chest of nearly 13 million going into her re-election this year, an amount greater than nearly any senator in modern history.

Warren is adamant that her focus is on her re-election campaign for her Senate seat in 2018.

“I am running in 2018 for senator from Massachusetts,” the senator said in April. “I am deeply blessed that the people of the commonwealth sent me to Washington to fight for them, and that’s what I’ll keep on doing.”

Warren has yet to make a formal announcement for a 2020 run, but she has maintained a national profile throughout Trump’s first year in the White House. Warren took on Trump and Republican leadership during their push to repeal Obamacare, even offering up her name as a co-sponsor for Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont single-payer health care bill.

Do you think that Warren would stand a snowball’s chance in Hell against President Trump? For our money, we’re betting on Donald.

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