Trump Nay-Sayers Claimed His D.C. Hotel Would Bomb – But The Numbers Are In, And They’re in STUNNED SILENCE

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While liberals spew never-ending conjecture about how President Donald Trump won’t be able to accomplish something, he has proved them wrong once again.

From Conservative Tribune:

Experts predicted that Trump International Hotel in Washington, which opened in September 2016, would lose money in its first year, but a new report reveals that the hotel strongly outperformed many projections.

According to The Daily Beast, Trump’s hotel raked in $1.97 million in the first four months of 2017, despite liberals frequently organizing protests outside the hotel to oppose the duly elected president.

Information surrounding how the hotel has fared for the entire year of 2017 was unavailable Sunday.

The hotel, located in Washington’s Old Post Office, also surpassed predictions from the self-proclaimed experts that most luxury hotels don’t turn a profit in their first few years.

But Trump isn’t a typical businessman, and he continues to prove his critics wrong.

The hotel, which is close to the White House, has turned into a popular area for foreign leaders, tourists, Trump supporters, and other conservative groups, The Daily Caller reported.

Trump has done nothing but WIN for an entire year as President. We don’t know about you, but we’re psyched to get started in 2018! Make America AWESOME Again!

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