Trump SLAMS Vanity Fair After It BEGS For Hillary’s Forgiveness

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President Donald Trump took time off from his Christmas vacation to mock Vanity Fair magazine after the publication apologized for a video mocking Hillary Clinton.

“Vanity Fair, which looks like it is on its last legs, is bending over backwards in apologizing for the minor hit they took at Crooked H,” Trump wrote on Twitter.

Trump was referring to a video published by Vanity Fair that urged Clinton to “take up a new hobby in the New Year” to keep her from running for office, including volunteer work, knitting, or improv comedy.

Vanity Fair apologized for the video after it caused backlash on social media.

“It was an attempt at humor and we regret that it missed the mark,” the publication said.

Trump also mocked Condé Nast creative director Anna Winter for “begging for forgiveness” from Clinton. Condé Nast owns Vanity Fair and Vogue.

Wintour, according to Trump, was “all set” to become the ambassador to the United Kingdom after her overwhelming financial support for Hillary Clinton. Wintour is also the editor of Vogue, which featured glowing profile spreads of Clinton.

Trump said that Wintour was “beside herself in grief & begging for forgiveness” in response to the Clinton video.

The president sent his message on Twitter while he was at his golf course in Palm Beach, Florida.

Trump has a long history of ripping on Vanity Fair since 2012, correctly predicting that its editor would be replaced.

“That dope Graydon Carter has hit on me for 25 years,” Trump wrote about the editor in 2012. “His magazines always fail.”

After the presidential election, Vanity Fair ripped the Trump Grill in Trump Tower, suggesting that it could be the “worst restaurant in America”

In November, the Trumps criticized the magazine for publishing a story citing a “longtime friend of the Trumps” who claimed that Melania Trump never wanted to be the first lady and did not think he would win the presidency.

“Once again part of the liberal media, this time Vanity Fair, has written a story riddled with unnamed sources and false assertions,” a spokesperson said in a statement. “As a magazine tailored to women it is shameful that they continue to write salacious and false stories mean to demean Mrs. Trump, rather than focus on her positive work as First Lady and a supportive wife and mother. As has been stated on the record many times before, she is honored by her role.”

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