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Trump Has Been Running the Country Like a Business, and It’s WORKING

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Senator David Perdue Highlights President Trump’s Year of Accomplishments. “Everybody outside of the Washington bubble recognizes the President’s agenda is beginning to work.”

Instead of moving at the pace of most politicians, Trump has been running the country like a business, getting things done quickly and efficiently.

From Conservative Post:

U.S. Senator David Perdue (R-GA) released the following statement after spending time with President Trump this week discussing upcoming priorities:

“President Trump is a political outsider and business guy who is listening to the American people. He is moving at a business pace, not a bureaucratic pace, and as a result our economy is in the midst of a turnaround. Everybody in the country outside of the Washington bubble recognizes that the President’s agenda is beginning to work. Following the historic changes to our tax code, the reversal of hundreds of onerous regulations, and the unleashing of our energy potential we are already seeing increased levels of business and consumer confidence.

“This year, we made some real progress. In 2018, we must keep up this momentum and build on the president’s early success. I remain committed to keeping the President’s agenda on track in the Senate by continuing to work alongside Senator Tom Cotton to change our archaic immigration system. In addition, we have to find ways to fully support our military, open up new markets for American businesses, and begin to rebuild our county’s infrastructure. It is more important than ever that we focus on getting results by implementing the President’s agenda.”

President Trump’s First Year of Accomplishments:

– 2 million new jobs created
– 860 rules and regulations eliminated
– 500 bureaucrats fired at the VA

– 300 bureaucrats fired at the Department of Education
– Illegal border crossings down by more than 60%
– Consumer confidence is at 17 year high

– CEO confidence is at 20 year high
– Gorsuch confirmed to Supreme Court
– 145 federal judges will be confirmed (12 circuit judges confirmed in Trump’s first year. Only 3 confirmed in Obama’s first year)

– 2 straight quarters of 3% GDP growth
– NATO countries beginning to pay their fair share
– First time in 8 years we have reinvested in our military

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