Corrine Brown’s Attempt At Staying Out of Jail Just FAILED Miserably – Judge Orders Her to Hit The Slammer!

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Corrine Brown was sentenced to five years in jail starting this January for lying and taking money from her fraudulent charity campaign purported to give scholarships to poor students. While Brown worked on an appeal, lawyers had requested that she not be remanded to prison, and had put in a request to have her remain out while working on the appeal…but the judge just rejected that request.

From Conservative Post:

The judge in former Rep. Corrine Brown’s fraud case ruled the disgraced Florida Democrat has to serve jail time while she appeals her conviction.

U.S. District Judge Timothy Corrigan said Wednesday that Brown’s request to remain out of prison failed to meet the necessary criteria, the Florida Times-Union reported.

“While it is customary for the first time, non-violent white collar offender such as Corrine Brown to be allowed to voluntarily surrender to the Bureau of Prisons following sentencing, it is not customary for such an offender to remain free pending appeal,” Corrigan wrote.

Brown was sentenced to five years in prison earlier this month after being found guilty in May of taking hundreds of thousands of dollars from her bogus charity.

Corrigan said that Brown was unlikely to raise a substantial question of law or fact during her appeal, one of the criteria for being free on bond during an appeal.”

As ordered she will have to report to federal prison at the end of January.

See you on the other side, Corrine! Haha

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