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This New Book Will Be Under The Christmas Tree of Every Liberal Snowflake This Year – Pathetic!

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Merry Christm– Oh, sorry, Liberals. We meant “Happy Holidays.” A Seattle man has created a book just for you this year, and we no doubt assume it will be under the tree for all of you this year. Oh, who are we kidding, Christmas trees are “too offensive.” What do you use so as to not offend anyone…?

From Breitbart:

A Seattle man has published a coloring book attacking white men to soothe the soul of left-wingers, Democrats, and Black Lives Matter acolytes — just in time for Christmas.

“I Am So Sick of White Guys,” the new coloring book by author Jim Corbett, is, among other things, aimed at attacking “white privilege” and accusing President Donald Trump of being a puppet for Russian strongman Vladimir Putin.

Along with the Trump/Putin theme, Corbett included Ku Klux Klan rallies, attacks on white men for criticizing the NFL’s anti-American protests during the national anthem, and scenes celebrating the left’s attacks on free speech on college campuses.

The idea came from Corbett’s habit of losing his cool over television news reporting on the evils of white people. Corbett — himself a white man — soon began dreaming up his coloring book as a way to relieve the stress in his put-upon liberal life.

“It came completely out of me screaming at my TV, and the way the GOP is taking the country off in a totally different direction,” Corbett told the Journal News.

“For us, this is a humorous coping mechanism. I am very frustrated and sad,” Corbett insisted. “But we want to make sure people understand this is not a vehicle of intolerance or hate. We are not trying to get people to hate white guys. We need people to have good coping mechanisms.”

We can take a joke as well as the next person, but this? This is just idiocy at the highest level. That’s exactly why it will fly off the shelves as every liberal snowflake buys a copy for everyone they know. Sad.

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