Trump Addresses FBI Grads But Then The Whole Room EXPLODES In Laughter After He Roasts The ‘Fake News’

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President Donald Trump delivered a speech to graduates of the FBI academy on Friday, but a line about the news media earned the most laughter from some attendees and members of their families.

“There’s the fake news back there, look,” Trump said, pointing to the back of the room.

After the audience laughed, Trump said, “No, actually some of them are fine people.”

“Actually some of them are fine people,” he said, looking again to the back of the room. “Let’s see who’s back there … about 30 percent.”

Trump praised the graduates and all members of law enforcement for serving their country.

“It’s not a news story when our officers save a life, rescue a family, or stop a crime,” he said. “It’s just another day on the job.  Yet, no matter the circumstances, you serve tirelessly, selflessly, and heroically.  You do it because you really believe in doing your duty and doing it properly.”

Via Breitbart

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